Grameen Foundation

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Grameen Foundation (GF) was founded in 1997, inspired by the work of Nobel Laureate Professor Mohammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank and a global leader in the fight against poverty. Over the years, Grameen Foundation has grown into a global non-profit that helps the world’s poorest people reach their full potential by providing access to essential financial services and information on agriculture and health. We believe that all of us desire to improve our lives, and that all of us – even the poorest among us – can reach our full potential if we are given access to the right tools and timely information. Our digital health programs provide millions of poor people with health information and improved healthcare delivery, train and manage frontline health workers, and facilitate vaccine clinical trials in outbreak situations. Likewise, globally, Grameen Foundation’s agriculture programs provides solutions to the problems that confront smallholder farmers every day—whether that is access to finance, farm inputs, weather information, technical information for farm and production management, or markets. Grameen Foundation India specializes in designing and implementing innovative programs to facilitate access to finance, livelihood opportunities and health and nutrition information amongst low income people. We address demand side and supply side barriers through scalable models, use of technology applications and innovative partnerships. In doing so, we work closely with the private sector, governments, agriculture and health implementers, mobile network operators and value-added service providers, financial institutions, and other stakeholders to prime our solutions for adoption and scale. Grameen has developed a pioneering mobile phone-based e-learning application called G-LEAP (Grameen Learning Platform) for use by frontline workers of financial service providers. The application, a first-of-its kind, allows access to learning material anytime, anywhere to the field workers during the field work. The latest innovative learning application Grameen Guru, an Augmented Reality application running on android platform leverages deep machine learning, use of voice- to- text features and image processing solutions. It supports self-directed learning by people with low levels of literacy, particularly women and youth. This application addresses the fundamental problem of low literacy levels as a barrier for self- directed learning by focusing on voice-based learning and image processing capabilities.

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