Leadership For Equity

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Our team has been working on various government school system/reform projects since 2017. The work which began with an intention to drive change in smaller geography of Pune city and through the implementation of Maharashtra state policy on Maharashtra State Council of Educational Research and Training (MSCERT) restructuring, has had enormous learning – in realizing the fact that we need a different kind of leadership to be working on projects which involve human behaviour change to solve problems in more adaptive ways and not just purely technical way. What evolved through the process of listening, sharing and debating with numerous stakeholders and partners, was the idea of LFE to be rooted in a two-fold approach of leadership – firstly by Improving or Transforming systems and secondly by consciously Building System Leaders – both components, collectively would provide excellent education to all children in India, thus reaching closer to achieving equity in education.



Our work in education started with 13 schools in 2015 as a part of School Improvement Project; and then scaling some of the best practices, to starting a city-wide teacher development program (Sahyogi Dal) in 2016, across the 210 regional medium schools in Pune Municipal Corporation (in partnership with Pune City Connect). In 2016, LFE also built a teacher resource app called MITRA which eventually got scaled across the country through DIKSHA; from about 28,000 users on MITRA to now 1,49,000 users on DIKSHA, LFE has focused on systemically co-creating programs using existing government resources. In the area of Officer Development, LFE has been supporting 120 Academic Officers at MSCERT, which in the next 3 years, LFE wishes to scale to more than 10,000 officers across Maharashtra and beyond. By leveraging Technology learning platforms, LFE wants to create low-cost, effective and replicable programs that can be scaled within government systems, to achieve scale.

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