Oorja is a Farming-as-a-Service company working at the intersection between clean energy and sustainable agriculture. It acts as a multi-utility providing affordable solar-powered irrigation, milling and cooling services to smallholder farmers on a Pay-Per-Use (PPU) basis, in weak-grid areas of northern India. 


We are proud to have pioneered the inclusive and customer-centric PPU model for productive use appliances in agriculture to eliminate the upfront technology acquisition cost barrier for last-mile BoP farmers, with less than 2 acres landholding and incomes of around INR 60,000 per year. Oorja finances, installs, operates and maintains decentralised solar assets at/near the farm and through its three services reduces energy costs, increases productivity and income and mitigates CO2e emissions, building climate resilience for farmers.


Our mission is empower 1 million farmers globally by 2030 with the agricultural services they need to sustainably increase their income and quality of life.

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