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LetsEndorse is a Tata Trusts-funded social enterprise, started in 2015 out of Bengaluru. We are on a mission to solve social issues at scale. We have been working on building multi-stakeholder partnerships with the government, NGOs, corporations, and other relevant stakeholders in order to-

1) Understand nuanced social issues at a community level,

2) Identify and co-create befitting solutions,

3) Raise required resources to deploy these solutions at the last mile.


Over the last three years, we have focused on enabling people to set up new enterprises or scale up their existing micro-enterprises by taking a credit-plus approach. In addition to financing, we are building their capacity before and after setting up the business. We have built a platform to do this at scale. In partnership with SIDBI and the Government of Maharashtra, we are already working in ~115 districts across six states. We have enabled over 6,200+ enterprises with roughly INR 85 Crore of investment.


By the end of 2025, we are looking to enable 1,00,000 micro-entrepreneurs, unlock 3,000+ Crore of investment, reduce the cost of finance by up to 50%, and generate employment for 4,00,000 people. Our ‘maturation model’ aims to achieve 99% business survival and repayment rates, ensuring sustainable monthly incomes.


We are growing our team, and looking for people who can lead projects, take ownership, hustle, are effective communicators, and, most importantly, believe that they can change the world for good. We are looking for people who can inspire us with their grit and passion for impact and are willing to build it together, as we unlock affordable finance for 1 million entrepreneurs by 2030.


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