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    February 6, 2024

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About Us

Founded by Ela Bhatt in 1972, the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) works to empower poor women in India’s informal economy by equipping them with the personal confidence, community support, and practical tools necessary to fulfill their needs and exercise their rights. With over 2 million active members across fifteen states, SEWA is a nationwide movement, as well as one of India’s largest and oldest non-profit organizations.

SEWA is set apart by its ability to integrate state- and national-level strategies with grassroots values and priorities. Through its close ties to an extensive, diverse, and multigenerational network of members, SEWA brings women together into a supportive network, tailors its wide range of large- scale development programs to specific community needs at the local level, and provides both capacity building support and a national platform for women on the ground to voice their concerns and advocate for their rights at the highest levels of policy and industry. Through its philosophy of women’s empowerment, and its vision of securing self-reliance and full employment for one of India’s most vulnerable populations, SEWA unifies members across cultural, geographic, and linguistic lines to bring about sustainable, inclusive change from the ground up. Comprising a nationwide network of over 100 autonomous grassroots organizations, SEWA is coordinated by its national office, SEWA Bharat (

Role of Data consultant

We are seeking a suitable candidate for the part time role of the Data Consultant, they are responsible for Analyzing and collecting data from grassroot communities and unorganized sector, craft success story, report writing, coordination with Delhi team related to reports and assessment.

It is essential to work closely with grassroots communities and to have a thorough understanding of their needs.

● Analyzing data of project field staff to collect data and report making.

● Use qualitative and quantitative techniques to assess the impact of the project on women’s economic empowerment.

● Support Delhi teams in organizing and conducting regular semi-structured interviews with women in the project sites

● Aiding in management of monitoring systems and collating information in a centralized database to monitor state progress and provide inputs.

● Coordinating with grassroot team and Delhi team for reports showing SEWA Delhi Team Initiatives, Output and achievements as it is required for project documentation.

Key skills and Qualification:

● 3-4 years’ experience at organization/NGOs.

● Strong written and verbal communication (in English and Hindi).

● Fluency in Hindi and English is required, fluency in any other regional language will be an added advantage

● Experience in creating audio-visual content (video editing)

● Experience in operating design software like Canva, InDesign, Illustrator etc. organization.

● Strong conceptual understanding of the grassroots and unorganized sector.

● Willingness to travel to the field extensively.

Duration: 2 months (Task Based consultant)

Remuneration: INR 1,00,000 for 2 months depending on candidate prior experience.

To Apply

Qualified female candidates are requested to please indicate their ability and availability to undertake the terms of reference above.

  Please send your cover letter and resume to email id: with the subject line “Application for Data Consultant”


Female candidates are encouraged to apply.
















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