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    September 28, 2023

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    September 28, 2023

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Position: Hydrogeologist

Location: Pune

About the job

A little bit about who we are

At WOTR, we are committed to tackling the key causes of rural poverty by rejuvenating ecosystems and building the community’s resilience to climate change by enhancing water availability, increasing land and agricultural productivity, diversifying livelihoods, empowering women, and strengthening the health and well-being of vulnerable rural communities.

WOTR brings together practitioners, academics, researchers, trainers, and policy makers to work collaboratively in building the resilience of rural communities. Our partners, including donors and government agencies stand resolutely behind us to effect this.

To date we have worked in 10 states in 5107 villages and impacted 4.95 million people in our 30 years of existence.

To know more about us, do visit us at:

A snapshot of the Role

We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced ‘Hydrogeologist’to join our team, who will be playing a key role in implementing hydrogeological projects and solutions, contributing to water resource management, environmental assessments, and sustainable development initiatives.


At WOTR your Key Resource Areas will be:

  • Project Planning: Collaboratively design and plan hydrogeological projects with multidisciplinary teams to meet project goals and client needs.
  • Field Investigations: Perform comprehensive field investigations, encompassing site assessments, groundwater sampling, well monitoring, and aquifer delineation, while upholding best practices and safety standards.
  • Data Collection and Analysis: Collect diverse hydrogeological data, apply analysis to define aquifer traits, groundwater flow, and contaminant migration.
  • Report Writing: Produce succinct technical reports elucidating findings, methods, and recommendations for clients, regulators, and stakeholders.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Maintain project compliance with evolving regulatory standards.
  • Project Management: Efficiently oversee project timelines, budgets, resources, and team coordination for successful delivery.
  • Capacity Building: Empower communities and professionals through training in sustainable water management for active conservation involvement.
  • Quality Assurance: Maintain high-quality standards for project deliverables through accurate data and rigorous analysis.
  • Research and Innovation: Apply innovative solutions to address complex water challenges effectively.
  • Environmental Protection: Assess potential environmental impacts of water resource activities and propose mitigation strategies to safeguard ecosystems and biodiversity.
  • Infrastructure Development: Plan and design water infrastructure projects, such as wells, recharge facilities, and water treatment systems, considering ecological impact and resilience against climate change.
  • Sustainable Planning: Develop and implement sustainable water management plans that balance water demand with available resources
  • Aquifer Management: Monitor and manage aquifers to ensure their sustainable use through proper extraction and recharge strategies.
  • Water Conservation: Design and promote water conservation measures and practices to reduce wastage and ensure efficient water use.


Apply if you have:

  • A Master’s degree in Hydrogeology/ Geology/ Water Resource Development/ Environmental Science or a related field
  • Minimum 3 years’ proven hydrogeological project implementation experience, preferably across diverse geological contexts
  • Familiarity with climate change and its impacts on water resources
  • Fluency in English and basic communication in Hindi
  • Strong data analysis skills, understanding of environmental regulations and permissions. Project management experience would be a plus.
  • Proven collaborative skills in multidisciplinary teams with strong problem-solving acumen and keen attention to detail

*Professional certifications (e.g., Professional Geologist) would be an advantage.

To Apply: Write to with an updated CV with subject line ‘Application for the position of Hydrogeologist’

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